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React to real-time app events at any scale

Event Automate lets you setup configurable automations to collect, filter, transform and deliver app events between your connected integrations

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Full control over your data at all points of flight

60+ Models
Harness the power of over 60 diverse, universal data models. Speed up deployment and simplify your data transformation process by choosing from a wide array of ready-to-use models to fit your integration needs.
Specify one of the supported events from which you want your pipeline to receive events. Optionally, configure so that the pipeline only processes a subset of events it receives from the source
Improve the quality of your native application's data with our data enrichment feature. Augment your dataset with external APIs to allow enhanced performance, more precise targeting, and better decision-making.
Custom Transformations
Maintain control over your data with our custom transformations feature. Tailor Event Automate's functions to your specific workflow, transforming data in a way that best suits your internal processes and applications.
Automatic Retries
Never worry about losing vital data due to connection or system errors. Our automatic retry function ensures your data eventually reaches its destination, giving you peace of mind and aiding compliance with data governance requirements.
Improve the efficiency of your data pipeline and ensure consistency across your platform with our data deduplication feature. Our system identifies and eliminates duplicate entries to maintain the most comprehensive and accurate dataset

Handle any edge case with customizable pipelines

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Easy implementation
Most of our SaaS connectors use OAuth for one-click setup, and every single one comes with detailed setup guides, including best practices on usage.
Fully managed data replication
Data extractions include historical and incremental loads into an automatically created and maintained schema, providing you with full, refreshed data sets analysts can depend on.
Complete end-to-end automation
In addition to new and updated values merged directly into their mapped data sets, we also take care of common pipeline maintenance tasks, such as updating your schema to reflect custom objects or the latest data source API versions.
Automatic Replay
Easily recover from failures and build new application states from old events

Infrastructure efficiencies at every stage

Minimize compute usage on destinations

We’re able to ensure cost-efficient data loads by deduplicating changes made to each row on our servers — rather than utilizing your vast but expensive destination resources.

Easily configure your replication scheduling

Using a simple sliding bar in the connector UI, you’re able to adjust sync frequencies anywhere between 5 minutes and 24 hours for near real-time replication.

Audit it all with application logs

Logs can be exported to warehouses or cloud vendors of choice, so you can understand what’s happening in your data pipeline and chain dependencies when syncs finish.

Ensure full object support

We use information schemas or work directly with cloud data source vendors to ensure the schemas we create have all potential objects with analytical value.

Cast data with accuracy

We use a combination of automated data type promotion and manual validation to accurately cast data types for every schema for every connector.

Enjoy total peace of mind

Event's idempotent data pipelines update cursors only after a successful write to the target. We can also restart the pipeline from the last successful state to preserve data integrity.


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Event integrates with the top technology providers across industries - including CRMs, ERPs, eCommerce platforms, databases, warehouses and more
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