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Use Event to rapidly launch new integrations, remove costly data silos and build connected apps that perform at the scale your customers demand. All at a price your CFO will love.

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Integrate faster

The time-to-market for launching integrations improves exponentially the more integrations you activate.

Spend less

Predictable pricing that scales with the amount of API calls. Requires no infrastructure to set up or manage.

Grow revenue

Unlock blocked revenue by integration constraints and deliver quickly the integrations your leads need.

Scale easier

Cut your implementation to a fraction of the development time and save valuable development resources.
What is a Unified API?

A single API that sits in front of multiple backend APIs and handles the dirty work of authentication, data normalization, and request routing so developers don’t have to.

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Explore the most popular ways customers use Event

Launch Accounting Integrations
Integrate your user-facing app with top accounting and ERP systems to automate accounting and inventory management and help users manage thousands of orders with ease
Launch eCommerce Integrations
Integrate your user-facing marketplace app with top eCommerce systems to automate the movement of order and cart conversion data and help users scale their stores
Launch CRM Integrations
Integrate your user-facing app with leading CRM platforms to power automated customer and contact syncs so you can help them grow and become a trusted technology partner
Launch Ticketing Integrations
Integrate your user-facing app with leading ticketing platforms to automate ticket creation and sync ticket data. This helps users streamline support and easily track issues end-to-end.
Launch Marketing Integrations
Integrate your user-facing app with top marketing platforms to power automated campaign insights, contact syncs, and lead scoring integrations. This helps users unify their data and deliver personalized messaging at scale.
Launch Storage Integrations
Integrate your user-facing app with popular cloud storage platforms to enable automated file transfers and data syncs. This helps users effortlessly move data between systems and access it from a unified interface.
Pricing your CFO will love

Instead of building and maintaining expensive integrations, automate them all away and only pay for billable events.

25x more cost-efficient at scale than alternatives
10x more models than other embedded tools
Use less, spend less via our flexible pricing plans
Volume discounts automatically apply as you scale
Demo Event's full suite of features with zero risk

Save the time and resources required to build and maintain costly API integrations

Before switching to Event, our customers spent multiple months and as much as $800,000 building their own API integrations to export or sync their app data. They also needed to consistently monitor and update their homegrown solutions to support transaction updates, new datasets, schema changes, and other challenges as their data volumes grew.
Event takes on all this operational work, so you can focus on freeing up your engineers and empowering your business teams with actionable insights.
A GANT-style chart showing the timeline of a manual API integration
A GANT-style chart showing integrating Event timelines

Secure automation for every architecture

Run Event in the cloud for a fully managed experience, on-premises to meet even the strictest of data security requirements or hybrid for the best of both architectures.
Fully managed

Event cloud-hosted - you can choose the cloud service provider and region - for a fully managed and automated data movement experience.


Control when and how data moves from your on-premises environment to the cloud for efficient and secure database replication.


Prevent data from leaving your environment by deploying Event in your VPC or on-premise to meet the strictest data privacy requirements.


Explore any of the 220+ integrations in our catalog

Event integrates with the top technology providers across industries - including CRMs, ERPs, eCommerce platforms, databases, warehouses and more
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Ship more integrations, fast.

Move more data (and make sure it arrives) with less cloud spend while eliminating hundreds of hours of manual engineering work