Guaranteeing delivery of the world's data

Businesses of all sizes - from startups to large enterprises - use Event to collect, filter, enrich, transform and reliably deliver billions of events in real-time


Event orchestration in minutes, not months

Our event-driven data orchestrator makes it easy to enable and disable real-time, bi-directional pipelines between any cloud app, database, warehouse, internal server, streaming service or file system using only a few lines of code
A flow diagram showing Event's product ecosystemA flow diagram showing Event's product ecosystem

Collect data from anywhere

Collect events from any internal app or external customer datasources with our modern Connections API

Collect data from any platform

Integrate new tools in minutes, not weeks. No more setup headaches, no need to push code.

Modern SDKs

Develop comfortably using a suite of modern SDKs for Node.js, Python, Ruby, .NET, Go and more

Enterprise-grade scale

Elastic cloud workers are scaled up and down automatically to ingest billions of monthly events without manual interference

Software language symbols for compatible languages in EventA code snippet showcasing how to collect Events using the SDK
Customer Created
Record Parsed
Invoice Paid
Push events to your favorite tools

Power all your apps with the same unified data

Guarantee real-time delivery to over 50+ apps with the flip of a switch using our enterprise-grade Pipelines API

Transform & Enrich

Our orchestration layer lets you use simple functions to enrich and shape in-flight payloads before they reach your destinations

Guarantee delivery

Avoid back pressure and high latency delivery issues with any of your downstream APIs using automated queues and smart retries

Remove vendor lock-in

Event makes trying new tools incredibly easy. No more costly integration processes that prevent you from using the best tools.

An image showcasing many different integration logos

Unlock productivity across your team

Don't worry about managing servers or scaling databases according to your monthly traffic estimates. Our serverless orchestrator is optimized for fast, reliable and highly cost-efficient delivery. Teams can now transfer exponentially more data, while minimizing overall cloud spend, making data more visible and removing tool bloat.
An upward trending line graph
70% cut in engineering costs

The estimated cost savings of eliminating manual pipelines/ETL and maintenance

200+ hours saved per week

Time saved by eliminating need to manually create, manage and update data connectors

50+ days saved per integration

The amount of days saved getting new Integrations to market and unlocking customer sales opportunities

98% reduction in script writing time

Dramatically reduce the time to write scripts and find important data from 2 months to 1 day

3 tools cut from data stack

The amount of clunky, complex and expensive data tools teams typically replace with Event


Powerful integrations

We curate the most popular ways to work Event. Explore our growing library of ecosystem integrations for data ingestion, data visualisation, language clients and SQL clients.
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Make Connectivity Happen

Move more data (and make sure it arrives) with less cloud spend while eliminating hundreds of hours of manual engineering work

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